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COUNTERPOINT: Exeunt Carl Jackson

Who'll get our stew going now?

Shocking news out of Iowa City today as longtime Iowa assistant Carl Jackson is hanging up the whistle. I'm sure you'll read all about what a big loss it is, but I'm actually pretty stoked about this. If you look at what he's been able to contribute to cinema working part-time, you can only imagine what he can do if he let's the acting bug take over and does it full-time.

I'll never forget the first time I saw him in Rocky. I remember thinking, "that is a big black man". Who can forget him losing a wind sprint and responding by dancing and hugging the Italian Stallion right there in their silky short shorts on the beach?

I think my favorite screen moment was him kicking the ass of a sneakily spry  Craig T. Nelson at the end of Action Jackson.

Most recently Jackson exercised his comedy chops with a role on the criminally overquoted Arrested Development.  
Who'll fill his role on Iowa's staff? No idea. What's next for us? More Jackson on the silver screen, and for that, we should all rejoice.
Give em hell, Carl!