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New BTN Commercial Means New Coaches Yelling At You For No Good Reason

It's all right. Lickliter comes off more animated than Ferentz, as if that was hard (Step 1: have a pulse. Step 2: you win!). There's no JoePa moments, mainly because Gene Keady retired a few years ago, but I can definitely get behind this "sitting on your ass is awesome" movement these coaches are pushing. Not sure why Tom Crean decided to snort Shannon Hoon's ashes before filming though.

I do have to wonder, what with that "mood lighting," if these coaches are supposed to be in a locker room or some abandoned warehouse in a shitty action movie that probably stars Steven Seagal. Still though, I can't get over the fact that both our coaches are regrettably wooden in these things. Why can't we be more like Minnesota???