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Revenge Is The Only Vengeance, Part II

Spurrier_medium And so then on 2nd and 1...

Gamekok_thumb_medium You bootleg it away from the throwing arm!

Spurrier_medium (sigh...) Fine, and then the inevitable 3rd and 7...

Gamekok_thumb_medium Delayed draw!

Spurrier_medium Get out of here.

Gamekok_thumb_medium Why won't you trust me?!

Spurrier_medium Well, that Iowa tie, for one.


Gamekok_thumb_medium Dangit!

Spurrier_medium Go home, son. Go home.

Three hours later..

Iconokeefe_medium ...and they said that they shouldn't run a draw on third and medium, Kirk! They wouldn't even think of it!

Iconferentz_medium I know, Ken, I know.

Iconokeefe_medium It just makes me so mad!

Iconferentz_medium Did we show you the new film room, Ken?

Iconokeefe_medium Oh, great! I told you we needed one!

Iconferentz_medium We sure did get one. We'll get Erik to show it to you.

Iconokeefe_medium Neat, the floor is covered in plastic wrap!

Iconcampbell_medium (quietly cocks a handgun)

Iconferentz_medium (nods)