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The Last Word On Northwestern and Bowls

Look, I know it's a lot of fun to see those two Paultarded Northwestern fans get sonned in that epic Dear Northwestern Fan thread (and if you haven't been reading, jesus it's good), but it's time to wrap it up like this.

Unless some calamity strikes Southern Cal or the Big XII, Ohio State's going to the BCS, Michigan State's in the Capital One, and Iowa's in the Outback. Bitch and moan all you want, but that's how it's going to go down. It's obvious and everyone knows it. Are the Wildcats getting screwed from a football perspective? Yeah, kinda, but arguing strict football merits on bowl selection is the province of the foolish. Iowa has a much better reputation with bowl reps and they're eligible for the Outback too, so the Outback reps are going to opt for the guaranteed sellout every time. Yes, 22-17, wonderful upset you guys pulled, and you really should have tried knocking out opposing tailbacks with helmet-to-helmet hits more often. Like against Indiana (snicker).

If the ticket-selling reputation pisses you off, Northwestern fan, here's what to do. You're going to the Alamo Bowl. Well, Iowa brought 15,000 people to the Alamo Bowl in 2001.

Beat that.

I'm serious. Earn a reputation for putting asses in seats and heads in beds. Don't just toss out alumni numbers and think that cuts it. Based on the last five bowls each has gone to (Iowa sent 20,000 to the Outback twice, both sellouts), Iowa sends about 30% more people to bowls than Northwestern, and that's what's sending us to a bowl over you yet again.

Facts is facts.

Alternatively, to take the path of least resistance since fan participation is just so hard, just give up and join the MAC, where there are far more kindred spirits who aren't so interested in sending lots of people to bowl games. And take Minnesota with you.

But face it, until your school starts selling tickets like the big boys, both at home and for bowls, you'll always be just Northwestern.