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Iowa State Goes Beyond Photoshop

So, Paul Rhoads.  I know nothing about him other than he was with McCarney for a while, so he likely has a deep-seeded hatred of Iowa.  He then was with Wannstache at Pitt, so he probably has a good idea how to lose to inferior opponents and save his job with one inexplicable victory over a ranked team late in the season.  He spent the 2008 season with Tuberville at Auburn and was fired by Chizik because, clearly, the disaster was all his fault.  He also once ate a ham sandwich so big, he barfed.

I was basically indifferent to this selection.  That is, until I checked this morning to find this:

(Click to open the full size version in a new window. Seriously, do it, it's so bad.)

This is gloriously Beyond Photoshop.  Just look at the craftsmanship:

  • Photoshopped Iowa State logo on the white shirt doesn't match the folds in the shirt and looks slightly crooked.
  • Nike swoosh added to the shirt (Auburn wears Under Armour; Pitt wears Adidas) and set lower than the ISU logo.
  • It's a good thing they added that swoosh, because the hat with the off-kilter ISU logo looks like it was sewn together by a 10-year-old girl working in a Burmese sweatshop.
  • Best of all, Rhoads is emerging from the football like Tony Wonder from a load of bread (Yeah, that's two Arrested Development magic references in back-to-back posts.  Deal with it.)

It really is fantastic work, a Van Gogh of our time.  I don't know who made this, but if there's no room in the Paul Rhoads administration for your talents, we will gladly give you a job here at BHGP.