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Great Moments in Gopher Football: EPIC FAIL RIGHT

Throughout HATE WEEK, we'll be looking back at some of the memorable moments in Gopher football history.  Because all teams have moments of ineptitude, but few have so many widely available on Youtube.

October 28, 2000:

Minnesota entered the 2000 Northwestern game at 5-3, having become the only team in the history of humankind to beat Ohio State and lose to Ohio in the same season.  The Gophers built their customary 21-point lead on Northwestern late in the third quarter.  However, despite the typical superhuman efforts of the Minnesota defense, Nortwestern narrowed the lead to 7 with 12:00 to play.  The 'Cats converted five fourth downs (including a 4th-and-20), all of which were accomplished against the expressed wishes of King Gustav of Sweden, in a late drive to tie the game.  Glen Mason used all his God-given powers to run 1:24 off the clock and send the game to overtime, but quickly found his task impossible.  Northwestern got the ball with three seconds left to play...



Minnesota ended the year its customary 6-6, after losing the Micron PC Bowl to North Carolina State.  To this day, the National EPIC FAIL Museum in Duluth, Minnesota contains nothing but the video of the 2000 Micron PC Bowl between Minnesota and North Carolina State on a perpetual loop.