The Odd Couple

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I was hoping to avoid full disclosure, but OPS called me out on it and I feel like I need to clarify the situation.  I don't want anyone to jump to any conclusions but..........for the last 18 months I have shared a small one-bedroom apartment with Ken O'Keefe.

And listen, it's really not that big of a deal.  Ken-Diggity is actually a pretty normal guy.  We have a lot of similar interests and we get along like lamb and tunafish.

Just to prove it, I'll give you a little peek into our daily lives.  Ken certainly wouldn't approve of this but I'm not worried about him seeing this as he doesn't believe in the internet.  He says he's not interested in passing fads.

Anyway, we do pretty normal stuff.  On Tuesday nights we play Chutes and Ladders.  Ken uses a special dice that has 1's on every side.  He believes that 'slow and steady wins the race.'   Also, he doesn't use the ladders.  He thinks its cheating.


We tried to play Pictionary once but before I start drawing he already has his mind made up on what he's going to guess - and he sticks to his guns.


Kokld3_medium Banana!



  Kokld3_medium Um.....Banana.


Kokld3_medium Banana!  Is it a banana?


Kokld3_medium It's a banana, right?  Banana.  Banana



On Fridays we like to take walks in the park.  Sometimes K-Banger goes out in shorts and a tanktop when it's 40 degrees and raining.  I encourage him to put on a jacket but he said he already decided on the outfit on Wednesday morning.  He's not real big on last-minute changes.

Ken does most of the cooking.  Here we are enjoying his favorite meal.


                                         Spaghetti with Stanziballs.  YAY!!!!!!


 Don't judge me.


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