Saving Daniel Murray

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Yeah, I was there.  In my seat in Section 136.  Saw the whole game.

Yeah, I ran out on the field (no, not the first time, I actually waited until the game was over).

Yeah, that was me discovering Daniel Murray, nearly buried under a sea of humaniity in the middle of the field.

Yeah, that was me, pulling him to his feet and guiding him to the safety of the sideline.

Yeah, that was me, front and center on your TV screen in the post game celebration.

But all of that paled in comparison to what happened before the game. I was standing behind the set of the Big Ten Network broadcast location when I saw him:

Captain Freedom himself.  J Leman.

As he left the set, I seized my opportunity: "Hey J! Can I get a picture?"




I am a better and more patriotic American because of this picture.

[We all are.--OPS]

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