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It's no surprise that Saturday's win over then-#3 Penn State grabbed the nation's attention and imagination, and now, Iowa can add another accolade to its slate:

BCS Bowl Champions.

Yes, as this release from the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl clearly tells us, not only have they already selected Iowa, but Iowa has already been declared the winner! We win! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

DALLAS (FWAA) – With their 24-23 win over third-ranked Penn State, the Iowa Hawkeyes (6-4) are the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl National Team of the Week for games of the weekend of Nov. 8.

Reserve placekicker Daniel Murray capped a 10-point fourth-quarter rally with a 31-yard field with one second left to give Iowa the upset win.

Shonn Green ran for 117 yards and two touchdowns and the Iowa defense held Penn State's Daryll Clark to 86 yards passing and forced him to throw just his third interception of the year.

WOO MOTHERFUCKERS WE'RE #1! Tostitos Fiesta Bowl National Team (of the week)!

We flunked out of the 11th 9th 3rd grade and never looked back, but we're pretty sure this means Iowa is your Fiesta Bowl winner. We expect commemorative shirts, hats, and Ferentz Nickels by the end of the week.

Oh, and if the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl thinks it can get away with sending two other teams to Tempe, there's going to be hell to pay. I'm sitting here in the Mancottmobile, idling in the Mancottgarage, and man, I'm kinda... sleepy...