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Who's Stealing Money From Whom?

Rather than continue my disastrous streak of "I AM SURE THIS BET WILL WORK/(wait two days)/OH GOD NO THE PAIN," it's time to hand the reins over to you, the readers. That way I won't have to listen to your fucking nagging as we all steer the gambleboat straight into the iceberg, together. It's the American way or something.

So here's the deal. One bet a week, put up for debate. Winners get a free car* and a mindblowing slobjob from Hawkeye State**, losers owe their bookies $20 or whatever you guys plop down on each game.

THIS WEEK: Minnesota at Purdue

Minnesota: #25 AP, 6-1 (2-1), just beat Illinois 27-20.
Purdue: unranked, 2-5 (0-3), just lost to Northwestern 48-26.

The line? Pick'em. A nationally ranked team goes to an imploding 2-5 doormat, and it's straight up (check that, I just double-checked and some places are favoring Purdue by 1.0). Frankly, we think this is an egregious error, as Purdue's got a QB who can barely hang onto his job and their only other star on offense was grousing about his role until he got a gag order slapped on him. Purdue just gave up 48 points to Just Northwestern, people. What in the hell is happening here? What are we missing?

Vote and leave your comments below.

**also untrue, but you play your cards right...