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It's A Celebration: Tavian Banks

Thanks to the completely assholish nature of the UI sports department, old Iowa highlights are extremely scarce on the Internets; embeddable ones are practically extinct. Luckily, we did find one of Iowa's fleet fox of the late 90s, Tavian Banks. Despite spending only one year as a full-time starter, Tavian ended up 4th on Iowa's all-time rushing list and holds team records for rushing yards and TDs in a season. It's this that Shonn Greene has his sights set on, but it's going to take one hell of a close on the season.

Tavian was just taking off in Jacksonville before a hellacious ankle injury--no, "injury" is too benign a word... ankle murderdeathkill--cut his career short. He attempted a comeback, but he was noticeably slower, and nobody cares for a 200-ish pound tailback who runs like Ron Dayne. Shame, really.

So while I work on a Shonn Greene/NFL longform for later today, here's a set of highlights to keep us all entertained for the next few hours. You're welcome.