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A couple of housekeeping matters before we launch into idle week hysterics:

First, BHGP Enterprises is proud to unveil its newest t-shirt offering, designed specifically for the final game at Kinnick North:


The shirts are available in men's short-sleeve (black or gold), women's short-sleeve, and gender-neutral long-sleeve and hoodie (black only).*  They are available, along with shirts like The Leman and Stanzi is the Manzi, at the BHGP Shop on Spreadshirt.  I've been told they will still deliver The Leman in time for the Iowa-Illinois game.  You're just a mullet away from being an American hero.

Also, those pinko bastards at Wolverine Liberation Army are attempting to spread their Godless propaganda via Facebook.  After barely a week, they already have more followers than the BHGP Facebook page.  This aggression cannot stand, man.  Do your part to tear down that wall; sign up as a BlackHeartGoldPal.  Yay capitalism!

* -- If you want another color/style, or you have ordered a shirt and have any questions/concerns, email me at and I'll see what I can do.