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HAWKAGANDA: Revisionist History At Its Finest

Let's let Rittenberg explain this one (emphasis ours, bolded where we are laughing uncontrollably):

I've received a bunch of e-mails about this, so I wanted to address an error in several recent posts regarding Shonn Greene.

The Iowa running back is not the first player in FBS/Division I history to open a season with eight consecutive 100-yard rushing games. Archie Griffin, Barry Sanders and others accomplished the same thing. Greene is the only player to do so this season.

The item was included among Iowa's postgame notes following the Wisconsin game. I apologize for not verifying the statistic before including it in several posts.

HAWKAGANDA STRIKES AGAIN! So our sports information department wildly disinformed the media and overinflated the importance of Greene's start. Big fucking deal. Now we have Greene back in the news cycle and being compared in the same breath to two of the most decorated college tailbacks in the last 40 years.

Be on the lookout for the Iowa-Illinois game notes in two weeks, where Iowa will be lauded as 500-0 against the Illini, and where Shonn Greene will already have been awarded the Heisman, Purple Heart, and 2008 Presidency.