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Requiem for Wilford Brimley

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Lost among the commotion of the flattest BCS season ever was news that Joe Tiller has been reassigned to Liberty Mutual commercials is sort of out at Purdue. Apparently, Purdue's looking for a replacement at other schools, even though Tiller's still the coach, and the AD says he will be next year, and Tiller's... you know what? Let's get Whitney from Black Pants Gold Heart to explain this:

Oh my god okay so like Joe Tiller has been at Purdue for like a really really long time like I couldn't even imagine doing the saaame job for a dozen years at the same place but whatever he's like really old so anyway his boss was all like going behind his back and asking a bunch of other guys if they wanted the job instead but at the same time he was all oh no the job's not open yet so like you totally have to wait on it but maybe you might not really have to wait and then Tiller who is all creepy and has a mustache was all hey what the hell guys I'm trying to do my job here, I still have that right? and his boss was all like, yeah sure totally, but it's like can you really trust that?? I don't think you can. Anywayyyy, since the job's not really open Purdue's just looking and browsing all it wants and nobody's really able to like turn it down because what can they turn down, the prospect of working somewhere else in 2010 or something?? Like I don't even know what I'm going to be doing in 2010 but I hope I get to work someplace awesome where like we get to listen to mus

Sorry. I shot Whitney. You understand.

We're not entirely sure how to feel about this Tiller issue--Iowa was 5-4 against Purdue, including a particularly humbling 31-6 loss in West Lafayette back in October, undoubtedly the product of a nasty relapse for Alcoholic Daddy.

Then again, Tiller was on the sidelines for this game that Iowa probably had no business winning, so we're probably going to miss the big galoot. A bit.

Speculation is swirling as to who will replace Tiller--the favorite is probably Paul Chryst, offensive coordinator at Wisconsin. I say "favorite" because his name is Chryst, and sacrilege holds a soft spot in all our hearts. Plus, he sort of looks like Bruce Campbell.

More like Bruce than Jesus, anyway.