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Dan Bohall Makes His Triumphant Return to the Bar

Dan Bohall, circa 1988

You have to feel for Dan Bohall.  Most college kids get busted for public intox, spend a night in the tank with a long-time drunk who repeatedly tries to stick a phone receiver up his own ass, post bail, pay a fine, and go home.  Our man Dan got busted for public intox (in his a dorm bathroom, no less), had to do all of the above, plus write a term paper, take a test, and help some sick kids.  Sick kids are a bummer, man.

In any case, Bohall will be back in action for the Hawkeyes this week as they take on Ohio State and Michigan State.  Sure, he's not particularly skilled and has difficulty scoring, but that makes him no different than the rest of this team.  The fact is he's a warm body who plays a little defense, and that is good enough.

The newspaper articles say Bohall is working to rehabilitate his image.  That's a noble goal, and I don't want to diminish the crime, but it's not as if the kid robbed a grocery store.  He got drunk with his friends and passed out in the bathroom.  I did that 3 nights ago.  I just had the presence of mind and financial wherewithal to find my own bathroom.