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We were linked by Deadspin, (falsely and hilariously) accused of plagiarism, and we're rooting for Ohio State. I don't even know who I am anymore. Also, this is the first post I've written in 2008 - it's been so long I couldn't find my lucky pajamas. Anyway, we're here, we're... here, and we're not going anywhere!

Go [is he really doing this?--ed.] Buckeyes!!! [he is, jesus, there goes the neighborhood.--ed]

Previously: on Big 10 versus SEC - Michigan did the unthinkable and dispatched the Gators. This was the biggest win for the Big 10 all season.
Can Ohio State take down LSU and put an end to this talk of Ess ee cee speed and supremacy?
Can the Big 10 win a National Championship against a superior team from a superior conference?
Can I make it through a liveblog without talking about taking my pants off?
Stick around if you want to have all of these questions answered and I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope it doesn't turn out like this --