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All Your Base are Belong to Bob Sanders

Hey, remember last week when we celebrated Bob Sanders' new contract? Well, he's back in the news, this time for being named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year.  

Bob joins elite company; only Ed Reed ('02), Kenny Easley ('84), and Dick Anderson ('73) have previously won the award as safeties. Further, of those eligible, nearly half are in the Hall of Fame, and several more (Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, and Brian Urlacher, for starters) are absolute mortal locks for the Hall. It's, of course, a wee bit early for Bob to buy a ticket to Canton, but it's one hell of a start.

We eagerly anticipate Bob's celebration of pounding a case of Powerthirst and bench-pressing a tour bus full of polar bears. Keep the preposterone flowing, little big man.