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Press-Citizen Files Suit Against UI for Sexual Assault Documents

Oh, you knew this wasn't done getting ugly, didn't you?

The Press-Citizen sued the University of Iowa today, seeking access to records in the sexual assault investigation involving Hawkeye football players.

The newspaper formally sought documents in a Nov. 13 request. UI released 18 pages on Dec. 7 but said it was withholding other records because of student privacy. UI refused to reveal the number and nature of the confidential documents or to redact confidential information in order to release the rest.

(source here)

We're not big fans of newspapers creating their own controversies, especially with nonsense document requests (see Sun-Times, Chicago), but looking at the timeline at left, the P-C's case is awfully clear-cut... except there's one thing that sticks out (emphasis ours):


• Nov. 16: District Court Judge Amanda Potterfield signs the order to seal five search warrants in the investigation for 60 days.

The Iowa Hawkeyes football team play their final game of the season, a 28-19 lose.

• Nov. 19: Gov. Chet Culver issues a statement that raises questions about UI’s handling of the investigation.


A "28-19 lose?" That's a 100% fail there, Morelli. And don't think we haven't forgotten what a dickbag you are. As far as the WMU game goes, its pertinence is, to put it politely, questionable. The P-C has every right to be forceful with this matter, since the UI athletic department has been, well, Alberto-esque.

I have no recollection of a football team at this time.

What the paper does not need to do, though, is drag the football program into it any more than necessary. It's irrelevant and unprofessional, not unlike the UI's excessive demands of privacy.