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These Recruits Are Kinda Awesome

For those who worry about whether James Ferentz deserved a scholarship, worry not! In addition to being more highly touted than his older brother (who, you know, did all right), he's a beast on the mat. Writes Susan Harman:

City High senior James Ferentz was honored as the Mississippi Valley Conference wrestler of the week after pinning three consecutive opponents en route to the MVC heavyweight championship.

Ferentz has a 33-1 record with 24 pins. He was 7-0 in conference duals.

Meanwhile, in South Dakota, Iowa commit Riley Reiff has been Godzilla-level awesome in his own right; he's already a three-time state champion in wrestling, and went 34-0 last season. Better yet, and we're sure you were wondering, he was named the Press & Dakotan's Male Athlete of the Year. He's 6'6", so his 250 weight will probably top 300 without much effort. 400+, though, would definitely be a concern.

None of this, please.

Beside those two, we're also big fans of the Prater twins. We like to imagine that they'll somehow be engaged in nefarious schemes ripped from late 1980's WWF plots, where one pretends to be the other, and the referees don't know! Also, we'd like Kirk Ferentz to be replaced with Mr. Fuji.

Trust him and his smile all you'd like;
he'll still throw powder in your eyes
at the drop of a bowler.