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You Found Me!*

Over the course of a given week, we get various referrals from search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Hustler Online, etc.)  Some of the search terms are strange, to say the least.  So, for all of you who have been referred here looking for something in particular, here is my attempt to answer your requests.

you have big pants in spanish

Tienes pantalones grandes.  En Espanol.

De nada, mi amigo.  De nada.

wisconsin band outback

Obviously, this searcher meant to type "Wisconsin banned Outback," in reference to the mancott.  And I'm glad he brought this up.

You see what happens, Outback?  You see what happens when you piss us off?  Erik "The Oragami Swan" Ainge is the MVP?  Stuck with the unknown Emma Mae Jacob to sing your anthem because your bowl doesn't have the cache to land Bonerama?  Nobody in Ybor City, holding steady, up to their neck in sweat-drenched confetti?  You see what happens, Outback Bowl?

You have yet to meet our demands.  We demand a spot in the 2008 Outback Bowl or the mancott continues.  That's right, we will continue this mancott until you build a time machine, go back to late November, and right this wrong.

Well, that or a couple of bloomin' onions at BHGP headquarters would be nice.

fire todd lickliter


iowa football talk of nation


iowa hawkeye basketball fan favorite of the decade brody boyd

Jesus Christ No.

j leman


hayden fry quotes

My personal favorite:  "Welcome to the Salvation Army. I've never been associated with an offense so nice about giving the ball away."

andre ware
houston cougars nsfw
flash the shocker sign
pinkie pie

I believe you're looking for this:

jared leto pinstripe pants

I'd photoshop this, but just looking at Jared Leto might make me throw my computer through the window.

ryan mallett texas a&m rich rodriguez

One can throw the ball.  One can run the ball.  One can't do either.  You figure it out, Sherlock.

Dominique Douglass

Couldn't have said it better myself.

* -- (HT:  The Bemusement Park and Run Up the Score, who invented the concept)