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Justin Johnson Goes Ass-Bananas

We can't really blame you if you turned off your TV/radio/telegraph before the game was over last night. The score was 70-57 with two minutes to go, and Iowa, having just six healthy players in their rotation, was positively gassed. Certainly the game would just finish with a whimper, right?

Um, right?

We've seen this sort of thing before, specifically in Escape From L.A. when Snake Plisskin has to make five baskets in a minute or he gets shot or some crazy shit. Fortunately, Johnson wasn't gunned down by deranged Hawkeye fans when the rally fell short, as we kind of need him.

Anyway, be sure to watch the Wisconsin game this weekend when Cyrus Tate has to surf through Madison on a tsunami.

(Big ups to storminspank for making the video)