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It's Plagiarism If We Say It Is

Sure, we may come off as jokesters around here, but there are things we take seriously. For starters, there's Southeast Asian transvestite prostitutes, because, well, BOI-OI-OI-OING.

And the second is plagiarism. Dirty, dirty plagiarism.

For example, Off the Tracks, a fine Purdue blog, submitted their weekly Big Ten Blogger Basketball Power Poll (or, sounding like something Bill the Cat would say, BTBBBPP) here. It's all fine and good, except at the end, they compare the Big Ten teams to... Simpsons characters.


Oh behalf of Hey Jenny Slater, the BTB, and all of Blogfrica, we demand the immediate dismissal of OtT--not just from the BTB, but from every single internet. Justice is a dish best served brutal.

And on that note, another edition of You Found Us!

pear of anguish use clips

We are pretty sure you don't want to see this getting shoved up anything, friend. Or at least we hope.

rebel flag dog food bowl

My God. That Dog is using Google.

fucking grandfather

They made a movie about preventing this sort of thing: No Cunt For Old Men.


bob sanders bench

We hope you're referring to his bench press, because actually benching Bob Sanders would likely be a grave error.

Honestly, the music could be the theme from Three's Company and Bob
would still kick unholy amounts of ass.

"file a complaint" paint scheme
"file a complaint" "paint scheme"
complaint filed due to paint scheme of room
complaint paint scheme institution
complaint paint scheme room
file a complaint against a paint scheme
institution complaint filed paint scheme
institution file complaint paint scheme
institution room paint scheme complaint
lawsuit paint scheme complaint
lawsuit paint scheme room
paint scheme complaint institution
paint scheme room complaint

Yup, these are my reahacckkkkaaackck--

[I had to choke OPS out before he finished that one. He'll be fine in a couple hours. You're welcome.--ed.]

(H/T, of course: RUTS)