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Iowa's Sick Fascination with Northeast Ohio Continues

Iowa just received their 18th or 20th or whateverth commitment of the season (interest level in recruiting = zero): a cornerback named Willie Lowe, from Glenville, Ohio. If that sounds familiar, 1) it should, because 2) you're a creep. Seriously, recruiting nuts scare us. They're high school kids, dude.

Anyway, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports, Willie Lowe is the fifth Glenville alumnus on the team; he joins Derrick Smith, Lebron Daniel, Bruce Davis, and... sigh... Arvell Nelson. Further, Trey Stross, Ricky Stanzi, and spellcheck heroes Anton Narinskiy and Diauntae Morrow are from the surrounding area.

Now, we understand that since Football God Ted Ginn Jr. is from the area--his dad's the coach, after all--that Iowa would be heavily interested in mining the area for talent, not unlike exclusively recruiting marathoners from Kenya.

This article is a giant, flimsy, transparent excuse to show Roy Hall injuring Ted Ginn.

So to reiterate the point of the story, Ted Ginn ran the opening kick back for a touchdown in the BCS Championship a year ago. Then his teammate tackled him and bent his foot in a way that feet don't bend. And then Troy Smith turned into Footsteps Falco and Ohio State lost by 27 points. And everyone everywhere was very happy. The end.

P.S. Here's Willie Lowe's profile. Do you care? Me either.