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ITEM! From our esteemed colleague storminspank, that 2-5 conference mark isn't looking too shabby right now. Could Iowa go 7-11? It's possibler than you think.

ITEM! Speaking of RPI, Drake's #9--seriously--and Basketball Prospectus is impressed. Why can't we be more like Drake?!

ITEM! A Geary Claxton-less Penn State team visits Iowa tomorrow evening. Will the score be in the negatives? Maybe!

ITEM! Nepotism in the ranks of Hawkeye athletics? You decide! It turns out Todd Lickliter is letting his son walk on to the varsity basketball program! We can't imagine a Hawkeye coach letting his own son onto the team! Why, if he'd given that son a scholarship, he'd be ridden right out of town!

ITEM! This is the greatest moment in YouTube history.

So suck on that, History of Dancing guy. I don't see Big Red all up in your business!