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Well, That Was Bound to Happen: Indiana 65, Iowa 43

There was a lot of this.

Last night was a major regression for the Hawkeyes. Granted, Indiana was playing well enough that no amount of poise would have helped, but holy lord was that awful.

Indiana held Iowa to 17 points and a bricktastic 21% shooting percentage in the second half, and their final 22-point margin was their largest of the game. Kelvin Sanctions, apparently determined not to repeat Iowa's furious comeback from last month (yeah, like that was going to happen again), didn't clear the bench until 1:05 remained. Apparently A.J. Ratliff tossing threes at the bucket was what Indiana needed. Just like Drew Neitzel shooting from downtown with a 74-37 lead and six minutes left last year, we hope Iowa remembers that complete slap in the face and exacts their revenge on the Hoosiers soon. It'll be sweet.

Actually, the highlight of the game didn't happen until far after the whistle sounded, when whoever's in charge of the official Hakweyes site redefined spin as we know it.

Boy, I bet Indiana's embarrassed they had to "storm back" like that!

Anyway, the Yahoo recap is here, complete stats and play-by-play are here, and a photo gallery full of mystifying facial expressions is here.