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About Seth Gorney's Tattoo

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As you may recall, BHGP staff has been puzzled for months as to what the heck that thing is on Seth Gorney's shoulder. Our interns searched fruitlessly [you don't have interns. stop it.--ed] before uncovering this, the best picture yet.

This is all they do at practice.

Notice the letters? Looks like "JHC," doesn't it? Sure puts Jebus's downright paternal defense of "Big Boy" in perspective too, doesn't it? So that's the assumption we were operating under here for about eight seconds, until Jebus replied, "No kid of mine would be that ugly." Is that any way to talk about your son?! Is it?!

Upon further digging, it turns out that's the Marines logo, and the initials underneath, in the J Lemantastic tricolor, spell "JHG." As the DMR explains, the tattoo is "in honor of his brother, Joe, who serves in the U.S. Marine Corps". So that's nice, right?

Except, uh... is it? We're not experts on the Armed Forces here (Hawkeye State once got to the third level of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 38, but that's about it), but Seth's never been a Marine; even if it's in honor of family, he hasn't exactly earned ink like that. And the Marines don't seem to be the "whatever" type.


So anyone know if Big Boy's ruffling any feathers here, or what's the deal? We don't know what to think!