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Curry leaks out on the break.

Finally, a piss related arrest we can all celebrate! JamesOn Curry, guard for the Iowa Energy [me neither.--ed.], was arrested in Boise, Idaho in the wee hours of the morning Thursday for urinating onto the side of a moderately priced hotel. Several things here:

  • He wasn't drunk
  • He was relieving himself onto a Hampton Inn at 2:25 am
  • He wasn't drunk
  • He was also charged with resisting arrest

Curry was in mid-release when the popo spotted him. They turned on the lights and the chase was on. This is where the most disturbing part of the entire story comes into play, JamesOn was a 2007 second-round pick, and recently a member, of the Chicago Bulls - and he couldn't outrun a Boise cop. What a professional athlete was doing out in the middle of the night, sober, in Boise, is beyond me.

This is precisely what the Energy did not need right now. They're currently mired in a 8-game losing skid and battling dangerously low attendance numbers. Curry is the team's best player, averaging 20.2 points and 4.3 pints of piss per night. No word yet from the NBDL about his future with the team. At press time, Curry could not be reached for comment but Energy head honcho Nick Nurse said, "GNNNNNNNNNNN".

Tale of the Tape

JamesOn Curry  vs  Clint Huntrods

6'3", 190   vs   6'5", 270
0.00   vs   0.15
chased down from behind   vs   chased down from behind
Sunny D   vs   Sangria
Hampton Inn   vs   city sidewalk
status in limbo   vs   kicked off team
not so awesome    vs   Captain Awesome