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The secret's out - we're jackasses. Whether our intention was to be funny or satirical and whether we were a success or a failure - is not the point. The point is, it was never our intention to get Brian worked up. There are thousands of bad blogs out there (you don't know who you are), written by hacks, and assholes. MGoBlog is not one of them. Brian is as good a sportswriter as there is and he's the last person to deserve a hatchet job. Further, Brian has been as instrumental in our growing readership as anyone else, including those of us that write here. He welcomed us into the blogging community and has always treated us better than we deserved. He wasted a day yesterday dealing with our foolishness. For that, we're sorry and we apologize for the misunderstanding.

Also, Brian does this for a living, we do not. His job is not to defend himself from cheap shots lobbed by the likes of us. He's out a day's work and we garnered traffic from it. We do not feel good about that. For that, we would also like to apologize.