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Set the Wayback Rock Machine for 1981

(For the second time in as many weeks, a giant HT to storminspank, the fourth-best source for Hawkeye multimedia and specialized fetish JPGs.)

One of the most rewarding aspects of art appreciation comes from studying its history. What's a spread option without the Delaware Wing-T? What's Led Zeppelin without Howlin' Wolf? What's Cloverfield without Godzilla?

So pay special attention to the following clips from this promotional album, circa December 1981, promoting Iowa's Rose Bowl berth. The band is called "The Fabulous Fryers," which is ostensibly a play on Hayden Fry's name*, and they suck.

Hawkeye Hut Hut.mp3

Bringing Home The Roses.mp3

Let's see... that listless, meandering saxophone solo in the first song sounds familiar. "Hut, hut"? Hmmm.

And in the second song, I think I recognize those tired ensemble vocals. The ill-advised key changes...

Yes, it's all coming together now. I think we know what the Fabulous Fryers hath wrought, this quarter of a century later:

Eerie, isn't it? It's like when Old Biff bumps into Young Biff in Back to the Future 2.

*of course, this begs the question: what the hell is a "fabulous friar"?