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Tony Freeman Can Shoot, and That's Making Things a Bit Weird

Here at BHGP, we'd like to believe that Coach Lickliter was a great hire. In fact, we do believe that. We'd like to believe that he's got a deeper understanding of the game than we can ever imagine or appreciate, and that there are nuances deeply ingrained into his approach that separate him from all but the finest of his contemporaries.

Then something like this comes along, and all of a sudden we don't know what to believe. From the P-C:

Iowa coach Todd Lickliter loves the way Tony Freeman shoots.

Loves it.

"Oh my goodness," Lickliter said. "He just makes them. I love shots that go in, and he can really make them."

So, uh, that's the vaunted Butler system? Demanding "shots that go in"?

Perhaps the author merely caught Lickliter at a bad time (i.e. after two bottles of Grigio down at Devotay). Perhaps Lick said something insightful, but the tape recorder was stuck on "child." Maybe Ryan Suchomel is a liar.

But that's all speculation; the facts as we know them tell us that Lickliter talks like the kid from down the hall who was a middle distance runner in high school and hasn't watched regular sports for very long. You know, the type that always asks who's playing and which team is which.

I for one am terrified.

*With the triplicate usage of "love" to start that article, I was sorely tempted to take a shot at Ron Paul. I will decline, because his supporters make the MGoBots look like Baylor fans.