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Every Day Should Be Dre Day

Here's a few links worth reading, courtesy of the greatest Hawkeye since Ronnie Lester's knee buckled in the 1980 Final Four...

Would any jury convict him for strangling Clem Haskins? I say no.

First off, a very special Where Are They Now from the Big Ten Chronicle, featuring Mr. Woolridge himself. There's nothing earth-shattering or anything that we didn't already know (went to Turkey, kicked some ass), but it still mystifies us that he never went on to star in the NBA. The 96-97 Hawkeyes were woefully undertalented, having lost Chris Kingsbury, Jess Settles, Russ Millard, and Kenyon Murray from the previous season. Still, Woolridge single-handedly carried the team to the second round of the NCAA, where Iowa damned near beat eventual runner-up Kentucky. He was simply heroic all season long, and Iowa's had nobody with half the leadership since.

Second, Orson's June Junes interview at SMU at EDSBS is mindblowing on so many different levels. Here's an excerpt that in no way reveals any of the plot:

Ed: I played at SMU, Jones. I know what the I-formation is. I have a loaded gun in my hands, and it goes off when I’m bored. And I’m getting perilously closed to uninterested, a little neighborhood just three blocks over from bored-town.

June: I know. You were the one who murdered Jerry Glanville.

Ed: Killed, Jones, killed. Murder is wrong. Killin’ is justified.

LTP is starting a series of profiles on the Purple Mafia, the Northwestern alumni in sports media. Today's article is on Darren Rovell, formerly of ESPN and currently of CNBC and SportsBiz. Cool stuff, even for a school that's just Northwestern.

Cool stuff from The Big Lead: Why is ESPN ignoring that Tarnished Heisman book about Reggie Bush? Sure, it's old news, but it's all over the other sites and networks. Might it have something to do with Reggie Bush's attorney being a legal consultant for ESPN? Hmmmmmmmmm?

And last, a couple YouTubes of BHGP's favorite spectator sport: Paternity tests on Maury!

This is outstanding just for the lone white guy.

Try not to spend an hour at work youtubing Maury. Try. You will fail miserably.