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Rick Majerus, Billikens Set Basketball Back 60 Years

Rest assured, we are all justified in lamenting Iowa's mauling at Ohio State's hands two nights ago, even if Evan Turner ran back onto the court after the starters had been pulled (seriously, dick move).

But do not, not for one second, consider this last game "rock bottom." Or if you do, you must acknowledge that there is a level lower than rock, which is either molten earth core or Hell, depending on what invisible man you offer things to.

And in that bowel of the earth resides St. Louis's basketball team, which slogged so poorly through a game last night that they made the Hawkeyes look downright competent by comparison. Complain if you must about watching Iowa on the business end of a 44-12 run, but be so thankful you were not subject to the eye-scalding horror that is scoring one point in 18 minutes of gameplay.

Rick Majerus during a timeout last night

The final score was 49-20, which accounted for fewer points than 11 of this year's bowl games.

There are a litany of details about this performance, and as befits a shot clock era record of futility, all are horrifying. They shot 7-48 from the field, and 1-19 from behind the arc. They missed 24 straight shots over the course of 54 minutes. Like, actual minutes, not game minutes. The basket that broke the streak came on a putback after an airball. Hell, they even missed half their free throws.

All in all, it's at least nice to see a situation where we can use the word "explosive" to describe the Hawkeyes without the word "diarrhea" following immediately afterward.