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The next defensive coordinator?

Another member of Hayden Fry's legendary coaching tree, Jim Leavitt, has just put the finishing touches on one of his program's biggest wins ever, a 21-13 win over #5 West Virginia. It seems clear that Leavitt has stepped into the ultimate situation for a Fry disciple; while others merely took programs from poor performance to success, Leavitt inherited a program that didn't even exist; he's been USF's coach since the program's inception in 1996.

Meanwhile, in Iowa City, Norm Parker heads a tremendously successful defensive unit, but it's the program's worst-kept secret that Parker won't be around much longer. Norm's getting old, diabetes has claimed a toe, and his only son passed away in 2004. Only a fool would consider the legendary Parker long for the program.

Am I suggesting Leavitt will leave a team that will likely sniff the Top 10 to coordinate Iowa's defense when Norm Parker retires? Absolutely not. Leavitt has probably got his dream job set up, and I can't imagine a better job to take in any city, much less freaking Tampa. Leavitt's defensive line coach, however, is one Dan McCarney.

Oh. Perhaps you've heard of him.

In addition to McCarney's ill-fated stint in Ames, he was a very successful assistant in (what else) the Hayden Fry regime, coaching alongside Bob Stoops, Bill Snyder, Kirk Ferentz, and Barry Alvarez. While McCarney may not be head coach material these days, he's unquestionably more than Big East position coach material.

Hiring McCarney would certainly be the best mid-regime pickup Ferentz has made during his tenure. Ferentz has spent the last five years losing assistants to higher levels of performance; it's time to bring that high-level experience back into the program.