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Ron Jaworski Film School: Iowa-Wisconsin, Offense, Second Half

I know, Kirk.  I'm pissed off too.

The autopsy continues.

For the first half analysis, click here.

FYI, I set my DVR to record the game.  It recorded through the time allotted by ABC, 10:00.  Wisconsin kicked the last field goal at 9:59, so I didn't get the last series.  Won't happen next time.


W24 1-10 I     2WR-R     4-3 (S up)     Run     5     Zone right

Fumble recovered on the kickoff gives Iowa some fantastic field position. JC audibles. The offensive line (+1) holds and opens up a hole between C and LG. AY busts through for 5 before getting mollywhopped by Carter.

W19 2-5     I 2WR-R     4-3 Under     Run     1     Zone left

Not so lucky this time. Chapman pushes Olsen three yards into the backfield and clogs the hole immediately. AY attempts a cutback, but falls into Chapman's warm embrace.

W18 3-4     Shotgun 3WR     4-3     Pass     0     Out

Wisconsin shows blitz with all three LBs, then back off before the snap. No immediate pressure from the 4 rushers. An untouched JC throws it to the guy holding the sound dish (inaccurate, 5), even though Cleveland was open on the out route. Oh, and again, Cleveland's route was short of the first down, which should be impossible on a 3rd and 4.
W18 4-4     FG - Blocked      
ELEVENTH DRIVE: 3 Plays, 6 yards, 13:10 3Q, 10-7

O29 1-10     Shotgun 4WR     4-3     Pass     13     Curl

Again, Wisconsin doesn't blitz. Chaney sits in a hole in the incredibly soft Wisconsin zone. JC (accurate, 6) hits him on the numbers, and Chaney runs for the first down. KOK obviously raiding the Iowa State playbook.

O41 1-10 Ace 3WR     4-3     Pass     0     Out

Wisconsin shows blitz with 2 LBs, then again backs off at the snap; secondary is in press coverage. JC goes play action and rolls left. Nobody blocks Shaughnessy (by design, I would guess), who runs down JC. Without an open man, JC throws it into what appears to be triple coverage, vaguely in the direction of DJK. The pass is knocked down.

O41 2-10     Shotgun 4WR     4-3     Pass     3     Curl

Empty backfield. Wisconsin brings 4, and the line holds up long enough. JC throws high, and Chaney (+1) goes up to get it, but the leap kills any opportunity at yards after the catch. Langford comes up to make the hit. This is the exact play Iowa ran on 1-10 at O29, only KOK hit the R2 and flipped the formation. Very clever.

O44 3-7     Shotgun 3WR     3-3-5     Pass     0     Fly

Wisky brings the kitchen sink (all three LBs and the nickel back), but the blitz pickup is actually quite effective. JC throws long (!!!) for DJK, but it falls harmlessly out of bounds (inaccurate, 7).

O44 4-7 Punt - 40 yds.  
TWELFTH DRIVE: 4 plays, 15 yards, 10:36 3Q, 10-7

O1 1-10     I     4-3 Over (CB up)     Pass     18     Scramble

Wisconsin is obviously expecting run. JC goes play action and rolls left. Casillas comes on a delayed blitz and runs by Busch like he wasn't there. JC scrambles back into the pocket, chased by three Badgers. Olsen (+1) lays the wood to Hayden, allowing JC to get out of the end zone and scramble for a first down

O19 1-10     Shotgun 4WR     4-3     Pass     12     Drag curl

No blitz, and again the line holds initially. JC (accurate, 6) finds Cleveland in the gap of the zone, who attempts what appeared to be a juke before getting tackled.

O31 1-10     Ace 3WR     4-3     Run     20     Zone right

Bucky has stopped blitzing and putting 8 up front for the moment, so zone right works to perfection. Myers (+1) gets a body on Casillas and takes him out of the play. Calloway (+1) opens the cutback lane, and Sims (+1) makes a nice move right off his block and breaks a pathetic little arm tackle by Pleasant before getting thrown down by Ikegwuonu. Had DJK finished his block, Sims goes for 6. As it is, it's the best run of the night.

W49 1-10     I 2WR-L     4-3 (S up)     Run     2     Zone right

Nobody blocks anyone on the counter side of the zone right. You can probably leave a DE unblocked and hope for the best, but Levy was untouched as well. This ain't gonna work. Sims simply runs into the back of his blockers and falls forward for 2.

W47 2-8     Ace 3WR     4-3     Run     3     Off-tackle right

Yeah, that's three runs to the right in a row, because why the fuck not? Richardson initially helps double-team Shaughnessy, then peels off to take out Casillas. He never gets there, and Casillas forces Sims to cut inside where he's eaten up by the Badger front four.

W44 3-5     Shotgun 4WR     3-3-5     Penalty     -5     False start

Wisky shows blitz from the right. Richardson steps back like a moron.

W49 3-10     Ace 3WR     3-3-5     Pass     -2     Sack

Wisconsin shows blitz with all 3 LBs and the nickel back (again). They bring Levy from the right edge, Henry from the left, and Casillas up the middle. Sims picks up Levy, but Henry comes untouched (again). JC runs into his wall of blockers for reasons passing understanding, and the Badgers tear him limb from limb in a sick pile of cheese-laden humanity.

O49 4-12     Punt - 20 yards (I wish I was kidding)  
THIRTEENTH DRIVE: 6 plays, 48 yards, 0:30 3Q, 10-7

O48 1-10     I     2WR-R     4-3 (S up)     Pass     7     Scramble

Wisconsin doesn't blitz. Play action to AY. Could have been trouble, but Hayden follows Young. JC rolls right (again, why?), makes a cut back to the left to avoid Hodge, and scrambles for 7

W45 2-3     I     4-3 (S up)     Run     6     Zone right

Left flanker comes in motion 5 yards right. You know what's coming. The line does a nice job of moving the defenders upfield, and AY dives forward for a first down.

W39 1-10     I     4-3 (S up)     Pass     25     Drag

Again, the left flanker comes in motion 5 yards right, but JC runs play action. Wisky bites on it completely, and JC steps into the pocket without any immediate pressure. His throw (accurate, 7) is right on the numbers to Cleveland, who slips one tackle before Langford takes him down. Nice play call, I must say, and executed well.

W14 1-10     Ace 3WR     4-3     Pass     0     Swing

Again, a designed swing pass to AY. JC got spooked by Shaughnessy coming off the corner and throws it high (inaccurate, 7). Young goes up the ladder and brings it down (+1), but by the time he comes down both Shaughnessy and Casillas are converging. He dives forward for no gain.

W14 2-10     Shotgun 4WR     4-2-5     Pass     0     In

Empty set. Wisky's front four (particularly Hayden) get a slow jump. Protection (+1) is good. JC steps up and slings a pass at...well, at a spot 4 feet higher than Chaney (inaccurate, 8).

W14 3-10     Shotgun 3WR     3-3-5     Pass     -5    Sack  

Wisconsin again shows blitz with 3 LBs and the nickel back. They bring Levy from the left, Henry from the right, and Casillas up the middle (just like they did on every other third and long), and Henry is untouched (just like he was on every other third and long). By the time JC picks up the guy coming to take off his head, it's too late. It's called an adjustment, KOK. Even mediocre coaches make one when the opponent runs the SAME BLITZ PACKAGE ON EVERY FUCKING THIRD DOWN.

W19 4-15     Field Goal - Good  
FOURTEENTH DRIVE: 6 plays, 38 yards, 4:14 4Q, 14-13