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This just in: the Big 10 is not good. You'll be happy to learn that there's other football out there and I read about it as often as possible. I don't think that makes me immoral or disloyal, just horny for something better. If the Big 10 was meeting my needs at home, I wouldn't be out on the prowl for something better. Am I right? Am I right?

This edition of hot links is dedicated to those individuals out there smarter than me who choose to write about football and in turn, make me look stupider than I can do on my own. Here's to you, smarties!

  • At this point in the season, I'm wishing the blogpoll was limited to the top 10. Between my mediocre writing talents and the dearth of balanced teams, 25 is 15 too many for this guy. To illustrate how far superior 10 is to 25, I bring you this feature from Snarkastic. Every week it leaves me in awe and childlike wonderment. It's like seeing Stephen Hawking on a mini pony. It's the kind of thing I would write if I were smarter and had any actual football knowledge.

Hawking and Pinkie Pie in happier times.

Only known photo of SMQ
  • I know, we've all seen the Mike Gundy tirade and heard countless opinions on it so I'm not going to link to it [he won't, but I will because I like the part where Gundy challenges the reporter to have a child and then hopes her (possibly) barren uterus produces a fat kid with bad hands. --ed.]. I read this at Burnt Orange Nation and Peter Bean was able to say with an economy of words what I've been clumsily trying to say all week. He proves yet again that you don't have to be wordy to be smart. Enjoy!

Minty quickly proved to be too much for young Hawking.