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Iowa-Wisconsin Open Thread

7:05 P.M. kickoff.  ABC coverage.  Gameday confirmed Herbstreit will be in the booth.  That's always good for us; last time he called an Iowa game, we got mollywopped by tOSU.  Good times.

We might have been slightly distracted in the wake of Apocalypse Now, but this is a big game for Iowa.  While the Heartland trophy is a completely contrived prize, Wisconsin is a real rival.  Camp Randall is never an easy draw.  Brett Bielema might know us better than we know ourselves; he is definitely the only Wisconsin coach with a tiger hawk tattoo.

Bielema:  He was one of us.

So, Iowa, win and all is forgiven.  Lose and I'll start screaming like Mike Valenti.

As always, no ethnic shit.  No gay-bashing.  Go Hawks.