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You thought I was kidding about the Alvarez photo?

It's official, there are exactly 1 million college football blogs. It's simply not possible to read them all, I've tried. Thankfully, 2 of the best, MGoBlog and Run Up The Score, are Big 10 blogs. If you don't read them, you need to start now, so here's a Q&A between the two of them that will give you an insight into their programs, their psyches, and their biggest fear.

I'm sure you've been asking yourself, how can Jebus be so knowledgeable (and charming)? It's a common question. If you want the truth, I read Phil's Weekly Notes. In case you haven't heard, Phil Steele is a robot that's been sent here from the future to implant football knowledge into your face. I should warn you, once you go Steele, you never go back. Also, I challenge you to read his Weekly Notes from top to bottom without crying. I'll time you. Go!

After Steele you need something a little lighter, maybe something to tickle your funny bone (I will tickle you so hard!), and Hey Jenny Slater has just the thing. It's a hard-hitting scientific expose on Powerful douchebags and the women who (outwardly appear to) love them.