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This is not really what we wanted to hear. According to KWWL, Trey Stross is gimpy:

Coach Kirk Ferentz says Trey Stross will be out at least two weeks with a leg injury. The Hawkeyes lost leading receiver Dominique Douglas in a credit card theft investigation before the season started.

Redshirt freshman James Cleveland will likely take the starting slot alongside Andy Brodell.

Cleveland has three catches for 61 yards. Brodell has nine catches for 72 yards.

Nothing better than a receiver with a bad wheel! We're already thin at the position, as we all know, so this should pose a nice test for the offense in a game that doesn't appear to be a challenge on paper. Thankfully, Tony Moeaki and Jake Christensen appear to have a connection going so let's focus on the TE and running game tomorrow, shall we?
We shall.