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This is actually tougher than I thought it would be. The judgement part is awesome, the measuring of mediocre teams against mediocre opponents is not. I would like to extend a special welcome to South Florida, you were an unannounced guest, but no less welcome than anyone else. Enjoy.

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU --
2 Oklahoma 2
3 Southern Cal 1
4 West Virginia 1
5 Louisville --
6 Florida --
7 Penn State 3
8 Texas --
9 California 2
10 Oregon 6
11 Arkansas 2
12 Ohio State 1
13 Wisconsin 1
14 Georgia Tech --
15 UCLA 2
16 Iowa 6
17 Nebraska 3
18 Cincinnati 8
19 Rutgers 2
20 Alabama 4
21 South Carolina 4
22 Hawaii 1
23 Washington 3
24 Texas Tech 2
25 South Florida 1

Dropped Out: Georgia (#13), Virginia Tech (#15), Boise State (#18), Auburn (#19).

Weekly Judgement Time: At this point in the season, you see teams like Florida, West Virginia and Louisville score a lot of points and win, but they also gave up way too many points to inferior opponents. Lousiville gave up 35 points to a team from the Sun Belt (Middle Tennessee) in the first half while Florida gave up 24 points to a team from the Sun Belt (Troy) in the second half. What does it all mean? They won, they're not unbeatable, and I'll be watching them.

Pimpslap Alert: Dear Sweatervest: Ohio State does not play well in Seattle and Washington may actually be good this year. Jake Locker (still suspicious) is better than that guy at Akron you faced last week so be prepared because I think they're going to lay it on you. The Big 10 needs you to make a statement so go out there and make one. If you're planning to win you better get on Locker early and often so he knows who his daddy is. Don't come home without a win. I'm serious.

Game of the Week: I'd like to say it's Iowa here, as they play an instate rival but this isn't the year. Iowa State may be the fourth best team in the state right now (and we only have 2 D-I programs). The game of the week for me is Tennessee @ Florida. Yes, I'm in Big 10 country but I love hate and these 2 serve it up it heaping homestyle helpins year after year. This is the only non Big 10 game that I haven't missed since I was in short pants. If you want to know how to properly hate in a rivalry, a masters course is being taught by 2 geniuses over at EDSBS. If you're going to hate, learn from the best and do it right.

The Replacement: Tennessee is the only team on my radar this week. They beat Florida and they'll find themselves 1 slot higher than Iowa.