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Did Andre Ware Just Flash the Shocker to 100 Million People?

I'm still looking for the video, but, yes, Andre Ware flashed "the shocker" during the Heisman Trophy presentation Saturday night.  And, apparently, it's not the first time:

Andre Ware has been a Dane Cook fan since back in the day

UPDATE:  TB from Kansas State's "Bring On the Cats" has what he claims to be an explanation for the Shocker.  

That's not the pop-culture "shocker," that's the sign for the Houston Cougars.  It's now called "Shock 'Em, Coogs" because of that reference, but that's not how it used to be.

It started years ago when UH was playing Texas.  The Cougars had a live Cougar as a mascot, but there was an accident and one of the Cougars' toes got torn off.  The Texas fans taunted UH fans by holding up three fingers in much the same manner Ware is doing in that picture.  The next year, UH kicked UT's arse in a major way, and taunted the UT fans right back using the hand sign.  It stuck, and has been used to this day.

TB does not attempt to explain how Houston talked Kim Cattrall into being the team mascot, or how she lost a toe.  He also has yet to explain the K-State Power Towel video.