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Rivalry Week: Iowa/ISU Wrestling Open Thread

Dan Gable's balls are too big for his pants

We haven't covered wrestling much here (which is the UI equivalent of a Duke blog ignoring basketball).  To be fair, Iowa has faced Findlay, Iowa Central, Old Dominion, and NC State this season (all 4 were comfortable wins).  All that changes today, as Iowa travels to Hilton to take on the #1 Iowa State Cyclones.

Last season, Iowa trounced ISU 24-6, winning its second straight dual in the series.  The big story out of that contest was the fight between the coaching staffs.  After Iowa's Mark Perry beat ISU's Travis Pauslen in the most highly-anticipated match of the night, things got a little crazy.  As usual, Iowa State started bitching about nothing in particular.  Dan Gable didn't like that very much.  Words were shouted.  Fingers were given.  Tom Brands drank Paulsen's blood from the skull of Cael Sanderson.*

Today, Perry (an all-American, #2 in the country at 165 lbs., and Iowa's consensus best wrestler) is suspended.  That hurts a little.  ISU is coming off an 18-13 win over previous #1 Minnesota.  The consensus (from people far more knowledgeable on wrestling than me) seems to be that 133, 141, 157 (which should be the best match of the day), and 197 are the tossups today.

In any case, Iowa/ISU will be pissing intensity in front of 9000 fans in Hilton in what is probably the most enjoyable, and certainly the most nationally significant, of the rivalry games.  2:00, IPTV.

* - That may have been the acid talking.