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It's Not Plagiarism if You Link to It

Ah, the offseason.  Time for the triumphant return of the weekly link dump.

Fox Sports resident moron Peter Schrager (who has a giant hardon for SEC speed in general and Tim Tebow in particular) has idiotically named Iowa's loss to WMU as the worst loss of the season.  Worse than Stanford/USC.  Worse than Michigan/Appalachian State.  Worse than Pitt/WVU.  He also puts 7-4 Navy's triple overtime win over 3-9 Notre Dame at #9.  In other words, he never actually bothered to watch a college football game this season.  Iowa/WMU made me question life, faith, the meaning of it all, but losing the chance to get shitkicked by Oklahoma State in an insignificant bowl game is nowhere near losing the chance to play for the National Championship because you can't handle the Wannstache.

Irish Outsider, the brilliant mind behind Fire Mark May, might have finally lost it.  That being said, it's a great song on a great album by a great band.  And it might be cathartic to you, too, Iowa fan.

An official RIP to Every Day Should be Lemsday, the best damn Ed Orgeron blog on the ebays.  They were hilarious, and they updated just as frequently as your typical Illinois blog.

A couple of programming notes:  With Orson on vacation, Jebus will be filling in periodically over at EDSBS this week. OPS and I are still waiting for our invitation to the cool kids' table.  And Mark Hasty, former author of The Bemusement Park and godfather of Iowa football blogging, is now writing at AOL Fanhouse.  He's smarter than me, so read.

The Realests have the definitive Michigan short list.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  We're back to this shit again (HT: Access Hollywood, er, mGoBlog)...