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Your Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year is...No.

ZookHook:  whuddup?
ZookHook:  i said WHUDDUP BROSEPH???????
HawkeyeState:  Hey Ron.  What's going on?
ZookHook: com ovr 4 vodka red bullz
HawkeyeState:  Wow, you're actually using Red Bull?
ZookHook:  fuck yah, no rockstar tonite
HawkeyeState:  What's the special occasion?
ZookHook:  cuz guess whose teh Coach of teh YEWAR!!!!
HawkeyeState:  You've got to be fucking kidding me.
ZookHook:  thats right motherfucker!  da Zook is off da hook!  im ROLLINN!!!
HawkeyeState:  Well, congratulations Ron.  I guess you deserve it.  What about Mangino?
ZookHook:  fuck mangino hes obbese
ZookHook:  obesse
ZookHook:  fat
HawkeyeState:  Sly Croom did a hell of a job at Miss State
ZookHook:  fuck sec speed i'm gonna show the sec big ten speed in teh rose bowl
HawkeyeState:  You know SC is in the Pac-10, right?
ZookHook:  sure i knew that they won the pac 10 south
HawkeyeState:  There is no Pac-10 south, Ron.
ZookHook:  coach of the year 2 u beeotch
HawkeyeState:  This is a travesty
ZookHook:  i no
ZookHook:  travesty is good right?
ZookHook:  i feel bad tho
HawkeyeState:  Why?  Because there are about 15 better coaches this season who didn't lose to Iowa?
ZookHook: no, i dont use liberty mutual i have that one with the cute gecco
HawkeyeState:  I need a drink.  Be there in 15.