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Bob Sanders will be helping himself to your money now

Bob Sanders, BHGP's favorite sub-5'9" Hawkeye since Randy Duncan1, is now a very, very rich man. The Colts were intimidated into have decided to offer Bob a 5-year, $37.5 million contract, which just so happens to make him the highest paid safety in all the land2.

Really, it was either give him the money or be
ground into a fine, Owen Daniels-like paste.

I was at Iowa when Bob burst onto the scene, and there isn't a single sane Iowa fan who can doubt the impact he had on the Iowa defense. Even as a freshman, look what happened in the before he started, and afterwards:

vs. KSU (@Kansas City) L 7-27 (0-1)
vs. Western Michigan L 21-27 (0-2)
vs. Iowa State L 14-24 (0-3)
@Nebraska L 13-42 (0-4)
@Indiana L 33-45 (0-5)
vs. MSU W 21-16 (1-5)
@Illinois: L 0-31 (1-6)
vs. OSU: L 10-38 (1-7)
(enter Bob)
vs. Wisconsin L 7-13 (1-8)
@ PSU W 26-23 (2-8)
vs. Northwestern W 27-17 (3-8)
(Bob is injured)
@ Minnesota L 24-27 (3-9)

Now that he's at Indianapolis, he's had a similar impact on the psyche of the defense and on the team as a whole. Sure, it might be a stretch to say that the Colts never would have won the title without him, but since there's absolutely no way to back that up, hey, why not??

Not pictured: Bob using trophy to sodomize Cedric Benson

We hope it's not the last bit of wonderful news to report about the diminutive shit-wrecker. We'll never get tired of reminding folks that he came to Iowa with one other scholarship offer, and that was from some undetermined MAC team (probably Ball State, maybe Ohio University). To come this far is, well, pretty awesome. Let's hope the kids coming in this year have a similar work ethic and can build on that tradition of excellence.

We can probably do without the OWI though. Just a thought.

1not a hair over 4'3". Honest to God3.
2this is being reported by Chris Mortenson, so the odds of this being accurate are about the same as if he'd announced Bob Sanders was the new host of Jeopardy.
3not honest