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Brandon Myers Attempts to Out-Awesome Dan Bohall, Succeeds

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Ah, boys, when will you ever learn?  Courtesy of the DMR:

Iowa football player Brandon Myers has pleaded guilty to public intoxication and interference with official acts, court records show.

Court records show that Coralville police arrested Myers early Sunday morning on a charge of public intoxication as well as one charge of interference with official acts. He pleaded guilty to both counts on the same day and was fined a total of $350.

Court records say that Myers fled the scene of a fight on foot at 12:06 a.m. near the Walgreens Drug Store in Coralville. After being caught by police, Myers acknowledged that he attempted to avoid arrest, records say.

The police report also says that Myers — when tested for alcohol at the scene — had a blood alcohol content of .12.

It might or might not out-awesome Clint Huntrods - depending on whether Myers urinated on Wallgreens during or immediately after the alleged fight - but it certainly out-awesomes the Bacardi Silver-chugging Dan Bohall.

Of course, you may wonder how a 22 year old Division 1-A tight end gets caught by police after fleeing the scene of a fight on foot...

The Coralville Police Department:  Artificial SEC Speed