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Chat with Lee Corso!

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Lee Corso,
College GameDay

Hi, ESPN fans! Lee Corso here to take some of your questions! Who's ready for some bowl game talk?

Trey (Roswell, GA): Hey Lee! GO DAWGS! When are you coming back to Athens!

Lee Corso: You guys have a great program down there. Gameday came down to Athens in 1998 and we had a blast, great atmosphere, and we go down to Jacksonville every three years.

Ray (Boston): Lee I like it when you're on NCAA Football on my PS2

Lee Corso: Brad, Kirk and I have a lot of fun whenever they bring us down for the game. I especially like it when they digitize mascot heads onto me. Maybe they'll put some more fans and signs in there soon!

David B. (NY, NY): The janitor?!

Lee Corso: Yes, the janitor. Either do it or I'll continue to torment your dreams. Do you want the sweet release of sleep or not?

Mike (Gainesvegas, FL): How many more HEISMANS is Tebow gonna win???

Lee Corso: Tim Tebow is a special football player and a special young man. His priorities are in the right order and that will take him farther than any trophy ever will. More kids should be like Tim Tebow.


Lee Corso: This is what happens when you forget your gun! Get your thumb into his trachea! He can't make noise if you crush his windpipe!

Don (Los Angeles): Who the heck's going to coach the Bruins? Will it matter?

Lee Corso: Of course it'll matter, UCLA is a sleeping giant of a program. Remember how mediocre USC was when John Robinson left and a middling NFL coach named Pete Carroll took over? Don't be surprised if we hear big things from the Bruins real soon. They need to make a good hire though!

Rick W. (Dallas, TX): Let's hear it, Lee-- OSU or LSU!

Lee Corso: Not so fast, my friend! Wait until January 7, we'll take care of predictions then! Nice try!

David B. (NY, NY): I did it. My God, I did it. I killed the bastard. I've never felt so... alive.

Lee Corso: Don't get cocky now. You've got a dead body to deal with. This is where everybody screws it up; don't you dare let me down too. You're Lee's warrior.

Ken O. () Is it a bad sign if your quarterback stops talking to you and tells his coach he needs a lock on his bedroom door?

Lee Corso: Huh?

Kelly (Oklahoma): How come nobody's talking about Oklahoma as a title contender? So we lost after the nation's most efficient QB goes down. We still won the Big XII--EASILY!

Lee Corso: This is just one of those years, Kelly. I'm sure everyone in Norman is screaming for a playoff, and the Sooners would probably be one of the top two or three teams in there.

David B. (NY, NY): The cops are on me! I'm not going back to jail!

Lee Corso: Kill those bastards too! We're in this together!

Chris (Madtown): Why's nobody giving the Big Ten any love in the New Year's games?? I think all three could win pretty easily.

Lee Corso: I don't know about that, Chris. Michigan and Illinois look seriously overmatched. I think your boys have the best shot at a victory, but even Tennessee's going to be really tough to take down. This year, though? Who knows! That's why I love college football!

David B. (NY, NY): I... I couldn't do it. They've got me. My reign of terror is over.


Lee Corso is a longtime anchor of ESPN College GameDay. He will also order you to kill, as he has been possessed by a demon for decades.