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QB Wienke decommits from UM, verbals with Iowa?

Message boards are, by their nature, anonymous hellholes of nonsense and lies. We'd never patronize a single one of 'em. That disclaimer aside, an Illini fan seems very, very certain that Iowa's got a new quarterback for the '08 class:

Posted: Today 4:36 PM
John Wienke now heading to Iowa
per a very reliable source (Stan & Robyn Wienke .... John's parents), John has decommitted from Michigan and will now be heading to Iowa to play his college ball.

If so, that's good news; Wienke is an Elite 11 QB (I do not know what that means) and a three-star recruit on both Rivals and Scout. Again, it's worth mentioning that ratings are hardly gospel; anyone who claims to know how Wienke's career will go is a false prophet and should be put to death at once. Nonetheless, he's the second quarterback to join Iowa this year (Iowa's all-time passing leader, James Vandenberg, is the other), so the Hawkeyes are plenty stocked at that position. As for Wienke's more quantifiable bona fides, he's 6'5", 210, and threw 34 touchdowns with only seven picks. Iowa beat out Michigan (obviously), Purdue, Kentucky, and Colorado for his service, so whoopee for us and neener neener to them.

Last, it probably goes without saying, but the entire BHGP editorial staff firmly encourages Bill Martin's sailing hobby and hopes that it leads to more Michigan recruits joining us in Iowa City. Keep it up, skipper!