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Appalachian State wins I-AA title, redefines fan awesomeness

One of the first rules of petty theft is that if you have stolen something large and conspicuous, you must hold it high for all to see. It's a rule that may or may not have directly led to an arrest of one of the three musketeers (BHGP's d'Artagnan, if you must know), but like records, the law exists for the sole purpose of being broken.

We're very pleased to have seen said rule applied correctly during last night's I-AA title game between Appalachian State and Delaware (which is French for "of the ware"), when the students stormed the sidelines... with over three and a half minutes left. Anarchy predictably ensued.

You, sir, are glorious.

Yes, that is the championship trophy, and no, that man is not supposed to have it. There are more pictures at the link (here for reiteration's sake), including a fan jogging onto the field near the 30-yard line to no repercussions whatsoever. Football always has been and always will be a truly fascinating institution, and a joyous fanbase's flirtation with the riot is no small part of the wonder.

Cheers to you, Appalachian State, you magnificent bastards.