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Iowa recruits identical twins, possibly just to irritate play-by-play announcers

Our creepier readers will remember that Iowa picked up a verbal commitment from Shaun Prater, a 6'1", 160 cornerback from Omaha, some six months ago. This is important because Shaun's identical twin, Shane, has just joined him; he accepted Iowa's offer earlier this week.

And you thought we couldn't find another use for this picture. Fools!

Neither Shaun nor Shane is held in particularly high regard by stalkers recruiting experts, for whatever that's worth (little, we assure you); both are two-star recruits, and Shane had only received offers from UNI, North Dakota State, and the Air Force. Shaun was offered by Nebraska, though that would probably matter more to him if it were 1986 or something. As mentioned before, however, the rankings don't particularly, you know, matter. Look no further than Blake Larsen and Kyle Williams, two five-star Iowa recruits who accomplished precisely dick on the gridiron*. The foundation of the Ferentz era, however, was recruited a bit more lightly; of Bob Sanders, Robert Gallery, and Dallas Clark, Bob received the most I-A scholarship offers: two. All three of those gentlemen turned out all right for Iowa.

Anyway, welcome to the program, Shaun and Shane! Thanks in advance to the coronary you're going to give Ed Podolak while he tries to tell you two apart! Please don't get arrested very often!

*Worth noting is that Larsen's knees failed him far too early in his career. To Blake's credit, he stayed at Iowa, met his fiancee, and received his degree here. Kyle Williams, on the other hand, fucked up on an incredibly sickening level. Just FYI.