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The Entertainment is Over

Not so surprising news from Iowa City today; Cedric "The Entertainer" Everson is among three freshmen who are gone, gone, gone. According to GoldPantsPal Eric Page, Everson and the other two young men implicated in the October sexual assault will not join the Hawkeyes during next semester's spring practices.

We've bemoaned the rampant program attrition around here in times past, but in this instance Iowa is undoubtedly engaging in addition by subtraction. Ferentz has a tough line to toe; he's going to have to get tougher on discipline and character and improve player retention. In this case, he has chosen to remove the players from the team, and that's the right move.

I was thinking about posting a nice retrospective on Everson's brief but eventful career here, but fuck it and fuck him. He had an opportunity to play ball in the Big Ten and he threw it away in despicable fashion. We wash our hands of him and pay him no more mind. It is done and he is gone.